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2007 resolution   
12:12pm 01/01/2007
mood: happy
This will be the first time I've ever done this - making a new year resolution. Which I think is a pretty neat idea... if I can really do them all ;)

Anyway, here goes my list of things to do for the year:

- save $----/month
- be CCNA
- get promoted
- be healthy:
-> exercise regularly
-> eat properly
-> sleep enough
- be as patient as a Buddhist monk
- speak/write Japanese regularly
- play guitar
- go to Thailand/Japan
- buy a camcorder for mum
- buy Nintendo Wii (if I still want it)
- buy a digicam
- buy a house/apartment (2008 maybe)

We'll find out how many of these things get done at the end of 2007. How exciting! XD

I hope everyone has a BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING in 2007... let's make 2007 rock! Woo-hoo!
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12:21am 25/12/2006
mood: amused
Here's a conversation between my cousin and me last Sunday after the priest announced that there'd be more confession sessions before Christmas...

Cousin: Are you gonna confess this year?
Me: ... no, maybe not. You?
Cousin: I haven't confessed in ages.
Me: Me too.
Cousin: ...
Me: I'm afraid that I'd shock the priest with my confession.
Cousin: Me too.

The thing is both of us are closet yaoi fans. I'm not too sure on how to confess about that.

"Um, Father... I like boys, er... with other boys." doesn't sound too good, does it?

So, with this reason, I'll do my confession in my journal. Forgive me, my Lord.

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Happy Christmas 2006!   
11:31pm 24/12/2006
mood: happy
So this is Christmas...
And what have you done?
Another year over
And a new one just begun

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

- by most beloved John Lennon

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas wherever you are. Stay safe and God bless. Thank you for being my friend all this time. I am grateful for every one of you.

Hugs and kisses,
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Musing about the not-so-distant-future   
12:19am 21/12/2006
mood: restless
After reading rasinah's post, I felt compelled to write something here. After all, LJ is a way to keep in touch, yes?

Today is my day off but I was still busy! It's my bestfriend's graduation day and I wasn't very prepared so I was rushing here and there to buy her gifts and flowers.

The ceremony is very boring, only to be expected, naturally. But it got me thinking... after all those years of studying, is this really what I wanna become? I mean, I know that my job is a good job. Many people will say that it's _more_ than just a good job and that I'm very lucky to have it. (But it's not like I didn't work hard for it though because I do take pride in everything that I do)

But sometimes I ask myself, "Is this all?"

It's human nature to be always dissatisfied, yeah? Sometimes I feel like I can do so much more. But sometimes I feel like I don't have the energy to do anything more than this. I am so conflicted *sighs* (or maybe just lazy?)

To be better, to be better than better. That's what this is all about. Well, of course I'll try my best to keep up, to satisfy my self to the point that I can be a little bit content with myself. Sometimes I worry that I'd be another disappointment. I don't want to be wasted, that's all.
My shiny iPod   
08:21pm 17/12/2006
mood: calm
I just bought the super mini iPod Shuffle! Mwahahahaha... so happy with my purchase.

A guy at work showed off his new iPod Shuffle and the rest is history ;)

Now I can listen to Gackt anywhere I like.

3 of my aunties and 1 uncle visited me and my cousins for a week for my younger cousin's graduation/holiday. What an exciting + nightmare-ish week it's been. Everyday after work, I went to accompany them for shopping, sightseeing and whatnots. Every night I hit the bed and slept right off. And still, they treated me like I was 10 year old.

"Ooh, Sari, it's dangerous at night! You shouldn't walk home alone!"


I've been walking alone for what, 8 years now? And suddenly people start worrying about me walking alone at night. This kind of thing can't be good for my soul.

Ah but those days are gone. They've gone back to their rightful place *grins* but it was fun (even though stressful) while it lasted.
Thursday off   
12:04am 01/12/2006
mood: sleepy
Today is my day off ;) Can you see the big smile on my face as I am typing this?

Truly day offs are good for your soul.

Went to the gym today to do my 30 mins session and then met up with my good friend, Imelia and her boyfriend.

Watched The Prestige with them.

What can I say? This movie was quite disturbing to me, actually. The ending really got to me. Grrghh... very disturbing indeed. A great movie nevertheless.

On Monday I watched The Wrong Man with my other friend, Irma. I really liked it a lot. I like this kind of movie, I guess. Or maybe it's because it's Josh Harnett. Or maybe a combination of both... who cares, really? I wanna watch it again! :D

I'm gonna watch Oasis unplugged live! Yayayayayay. Only Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer are playing but still it's gonna be great. Noel is my favourite anyway, so even if it's only him, I'd still think it's gonna be great ;P
04:11pm 26/11/2006
mood: cheerful
House is so addictive, damnit! For me who's sworn off TV for the betterment of mankind, this is a bad thing.

To top it off, there's Wilson. Not the sport equipments' brand, but Dr. Wilson, who is House's one and only true soulmate and loyal friend.

This is so much fun!

My inner fangirl screams, "Omg, new OTP!"

= = =

I was actually surprised to find that many fangirls hated Cameron. What's the deal? Whereas I wanna be just like Cameron. She's just so... beautiful, man. Just so cool! You go, girl!

= = =

Ok gotta go to church now! (and pray to House God)
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Life as a geek   
10:44pm 20/11/2006
mood: curious
The more I deny it, the more I feel that it's true.

Bringing work home, looking up how OSPF works instead of chatting with my friends on MSN... that doesn't mean that I'm an anti-social geek, does it?

Okay maybe it does, but what can I do?

Would flipping through my Oxford's Japanese Dictionary (to improve my Japanese vocabulary) un-geek me? I don't think so.

But I really don't have anything else to do while I'm waiting for the Catering Auntie to deliver my food supply for the week...
Good looking guy vs Ugly guy   
11:46am 12/11/2006
mood: crazy
This is a little something that I read from Friendster. It's sort of true, to some extend... :D

If a good looking guy doesn't say much,
girls will say: "Isn't he just so cool?"
If an ugly looking guy doesn't say much,
girls will say: "He doesn't have anything interesting to say."

If a good looking guy is single,
girls will say: "He must be a perfectionist."
If an ugly looking guy is single,
girls will say: "But of course!"

If a good looking guy did something awful,
girls will say: "Nobody's perfect..."
If an ugly looking guy did something awful,
girls will say: "His face does look like a criminal."

If a good looking guy helped a girl being attacked by a bunch of thugs,
girls will say: "Oh so manly! Just like in movies!"
If an ugly looking guy helped a girl being attacked by a bunch of thugs,
girls will say: "Those thugs must be his friend..."

If a good looking guy gets a good looking girl,
girls will say: "A perfect match!"
If an ugly looking guy gets a good looking girl,
girls will say: "There must be foul play..." *muttermutter*

If a good looking guy is dumped by his girl,
girls will say: "Oh don't be sad... there's always me *winkwink*"
If an ugly looking guy is dumped by his girl,
girls will say: "..." (in their mind: just look in the mirror, pls!)

If a good looking guy says he is of multicultural lineage,
girls will say: "No wonder he looks so delicious!!"
If an ugly looking guy says he is of multicultural lineage,
girls will say: "Is his mother a hag and his father a robot?"

If a good looking guy loves animals,
girls will say: "His feeling is gentle, full of love..." *Awwww*
If an ugly looking guy loves animals,
girls will say: "Well, you've gotta love your own family, haven't you?"

If a good looking guy drives a BMW,
girls will say: "They suit each other, cool in both exterior and interior." (XD)
If an ugly looking guy drives a BMW,
girls will say: "Is that his boss' car or what?"

If a good looking guy doesn't like his pic taken,
girls will say: "Oh he's too humble for his own good..."
If an ugly looking guy doesn't like his pic taken,
girls will say: "Can't stand the look of his own image, huh?"

If a good looking guy pours water into a girl's glass,
girls will say: "This is how a true gentleman behaves."
If an ugly looking guy pours water into a girl's glass,
girls will say: "A waiter's instinct?"

If a good looking guy is feeling sad,
girls will say: "Let me be your shoulder to cry on."
If an ugly looking guy is feeling sad,
girls will say: "What a cry baby. Be a man, why can't you?"

If a good looking guy is reading this entry,
he will find a mirror, smile and say, "Isn't life beautiful?"
If an ugly looking guy is reading this entry,
he will get frustrated, contemplate suicide and shout, "Why? Oh why!!"

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From India With Love   
11:11am 07/11/2006
mood: happy
Hiya all!

I'm back from India, attending my bestfriend's wedding. How exciting, even if I say so myself ;)

I'm honestly glad that I came there. I was very a little bit apprehensive about going there. Because I only knew one person in the whole, entire, big and scary India and I knew she'd be busy, what with getting married and preparing for several ceremonies, lunches, dinners and receptions. But my apprehension dissolved pretty quickly as soon as I saw her again, the same as ever (goodness, we've only been parted for less than 2 months but it felt like ages!) and her dad welcomed me like a long lost daughter he never had ^^;;

In fact, her whole family welcomed me like my own family. I felt so touched and so much more, yeah, I felt that warm and fuzzy feeling that I so often hear people say/write about. They all looked so happy that I came for Maya. I think it meant so much for them to see that Maya's friend came all the way from Australia to India, just to attend the wedding. Well, I know it's not just just for Maya and me. Sometimes I think that this could be the last time that I saw her. But that's another story for another time.

And India... India, I was surprised to find, is like my own home country. The weather, the streets, the houses, the trees and the marketplace, they are so familiar to me. Of course the people, the culture and the language are different. Unlike my fellow countrymen most of Indians speak very good English, though, which is a huge relief for me.

So... morale of the story is Go travelling!, because Emirates Airline keeps on reminding us, "When did you last do something for the first time?"

Damn those ads and their subliminal messages!

Oh yes, today is Melbourne Cup Day and the Japanese (Delta Blues) WON the Cup! Anddd... because of that, I won the office betting for the Melbourne Cup! Yayayay!
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11:02am 08/10/2006
mood: cheerful
I was attacked by a strange new virus, teh Viggo/Billy virus!

It all started from watching the Extended DVD of LoTR: Return of The King. In one of The Appendices, there's this section where Viggo kissed Billy Boyd full in the mouth... XD

And Viggo's own confession: "I've been wanting to do that to Billy for quite some time... but that's another story, let's not talk about it now."

Awwwwwww... *melts into fangirly puddle of goo*

Billy's comment: "I think... I felt tongue."


He can't even keep his hands off Billy when promoting in Japan!

And he certainly missed Billy so much when they're apart...

I thought I've gotten over this whole yaoi/slashy thing...

I thought wrong. XD
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09:18pm 02/10/2006
mood: crazy
Let it be known that 26 September 2006 is the happiest day in my entire life!


Someone up there is smiling at me.

The thing is, the strange thing is, I really wanted to tell the whole world about it but there's something inside of me that wants to keep this to myself, like a secret treasure. I can't help smiling and being all happy and goofy about it, though.

My friends and cousins are dying to know what's going on.

Maybe someday I'll tell them. But for now, I want to keep it for myself, like the most precious thing in the world.

:) :D (darn, why isn't there a smiley for "super mega ultra extra happy"?) XD
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Got milk?   
09:58am 16/08/2006
mood: happy
I've been on milk drinking spree!

Why, you may ask. (or not)

My knees often hurt. So I'm guessing that I'm lacking calcium and other stuff, which are good for bones and stuff. This is why I'm desperately trying to increase my calcium level!

The milk that I buy is Devondale Smart Milk [High Calcium reduced fat].

It tastes great, actually. I never knew...
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New dvd player   
06:33pm 13/08/2006
mood: awake
I bought this DVD player because it was super cheap.

I'm happy with the player (multi region!) but not with the remote control.

The remote is eating the AAA bateries like crazy! In a month, I've changed the batteries twice! If it keeps this up, I'd go bankrupt from buying batteries.

Maybe this is why the player was so cheap...
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08:37pm 08/08/2006
mood: accomplished
I _just_ managed to finish the fic for fairymage's Fanfic Lyrics Challenge.

I know I'm late by a day ^^;; but I'm very happy that I've accomplished a fic, at least. That's quite a feat these days, what with work and all. So, yeah, I'm happy :)

Oh yes, has anyone tried My Heritage website? You can upload photos and get compared to celebrities, who supposedly look like you. It's quite amusing...

Anyway, gotta go. ROVE is almost playing.

(Yes, my life is very boring that my routine consists of: going to work, going back from work, cooking/eating dinner and watching TV (when fave shows are on) or doing Japanese homework (when not lazy), sleeping - then repeat the activity from the start)
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Unlurked at last   
09:28pm 22/07/2006
mood: calm
*** slowly crawling above the ground of civilisation ... ***

Hi all!

(or at least those who still remember me ^^;;)

How many weeks has it been? I'm amazed that I can remember my LJ login details.

How are you all?

I'm sorry for disappearing (again) without notice (again). My boring life is killing me slowly. I didn't know how life can be busy and un-exciting at the same time. Well, now I know. It's like I'm just running around from here to there, everyday, without any real purpose. Isn't that crazy?

Anyway, I'm hanging in there. Work has been good and progressing. Got a new role, still in the same group/place, but there'll be something new to learn. Good for me and my poor ole brain.

Trying to get fit, trying to do _some_ exercise regularly, trying to catch up with online friends. (keyword: trying)

Still loving Gackt (forever maybe!), L'Arc, House (Hugh Laurie), ROVE[live], NCIS (Jethro!), Saiyuki, Gravitation, Banana Fish, Brazil soccer, Japanese language, Terry Pratchett (when will he release new books??) oh and Kinki Kids (old fave that came back!) :D

I think I'll leave it at that for now. I'm a bit at loss for words, since there's so many things to write here - I don't know where to begin ^^;; I'll tell you more of my mundane life in my next update (hopefully soon).

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05:34pm 12/06/2006
mood: amused
You know what, I don't understand guys... @__@

When a guy says "I miss you so much", does he really mean it? If he does, why there isn't any action to prove that, yes, he does miss you so much. If not, then why does he say it? Isn't that kinda nuts?

Another guy got himself a girlfriend and said to me, "She's just a replacement of you" and "I still love you" and "I will leave her if you want me to, just say so". What a nutcase...!

And then... I just met this guy on MSN and he said that his girlfriend was pregnant. I was like o_O! "Really?" and he said, "No, just kidding. She was just fat."

What theeeeeeeee!! Goodness gracious me...

Where have all the cool but kind-hearted, well-mannered and lovely men gone to???
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Joga Bonito   
11:24am 11/06/2006
mood: cheerful
Hiya all!

*mad squeezes and hugs to all flist*

I've got my internet back! And it's time for Germany World Cup 2006 too! Woohoo!

Monday is Australia vs Japan. I'm all for Japan, of course XD

I'm finally settled in my new place. It's all good and shiny (since it's new :P) and I'll try my hardest to keep it like that as long as I live here *solemn promise*.

Sometimes I go and sleep overnight at my cousin's place. Like when I want to watch The World Cup with her and stuff. Tomorrow night we're gonna watch Aust vs Japan at her place too, coz she's got that giant plasma TV... I've gotta remember to bring my work clothes for Tuesday.

Last time I slept there, I forgot to bring clothes and had to wear hers for work. My friend, Maya, remarked, "Is that your father's shirt?"


It's not actually that big! It felt very comfortable, actually, like pyjamas XD

Oh yes! I just signed up for this Lyrics Fanfiction Challenge, run by fairymage. I hope many people also join up.

Also I hope I won't get difficult lyrics and can complete the challenge on time.

And I hope that I can get online, update my LJ as well as read my friends' LJ more often than before.

Fingers and toes crossed...
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Maya's & Matt's bdays, work, hobbies   
06:34pm 18/05/2006
mood: chipper
Maya's bday was on 16 May. We both took a legitimate day off (that is to say that we have our team leader's permission to take it :)) and did a two-hours horse riding. Yes, you read that right, horse riding. There were 4 of us.

The experience itself wasn't new to me because I often went on horse riding when I was little. But oh, the after effect... my back, my ass and knees hurt like hell. Even as I am typing now. I can't slouch now because when my back is bent, it pains me. I have balm that Maya called Magical Medicine, which she got from India, which can cure this sort of ailment very effectively. So let's see...

But the day was well spent. Maya was very happy so that's the main thing.

This Saturday (20 May) will be Matt's bday. I still don't know what to give him. It's such a hard work, finding a suitable bday gift for a male!

Today I had a training course which will last until tomorrow. It's called the Career Planning and Development. Basically it talked about how you could manage your career and that sort of stuff. Nothing new in there but quite interesting. I got to spend a day out of my usual office... so it's a bit of a relaxation for me. But I think two days is a bit too much for this sort of thing :( Call me crazy, but I sorta missed work.

I have new addictions!
- Watching HOUSE on TV
- Sudoku (very very addictive, my friend... do try it)
- Banana Fish (Gackt's fave manga) - the main chara is oh so kakkoi! He looks a lot like Yuki Eiri, which I don't mind at all... wahahaha...
- Japanese language

Okay, maybe the last one isn't a new thing ^^;; but since I am learning it again now, it has become a refreshed addiction hehehe...

So yeah, so that's my life in a nutshell. Please bear with me for my future long absence because I'll be moving house and there'll be some time that I'll have no internet connection. It will be a big Ouch! for me but yeah, what can one do but wait until the new connection is established? (cry, maybe)

I miss you alllll... hope you're all doing okay...

Hugs and kisses for all my flist. Mwah, mwah.
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Anzac Day   
11:41pm 25/04/2006
mood: calm
... means it's a day off!

I didn't go out of my house at all today. Didn't even open any windows to breathe fresh air. Isn't that horrible? Sometimes I wonder how I can stand this kind of lifestyle. I can just spend hours and hours in my bedroom, reading, browsing the net, sleeping or listening to the music.

Many people will find that very boring and unacceptable, I'm sure. But I seem to be okay with it.

It's not that no one asks me to hang out with them or anything like that. For example, my cousin asked me to join her and her friends in some cafe this afternoon but I just didn't feel like doing that, so I said no.

So what have I done all day?

- Browsed the LJ comm for TETSU69 minna_genki
- Finished reading the translation of Tetsugaku. All of them in one go, hah! Today turned out to be a TETSU69 day for me.
- Tried to learn how to play Go. Because my Thai friend wanted to play Go with me on Yahoo! Games ^^;;
- Another website he told me to check out - for learning Go. Come to think of it, he was quite pushy about it!
- Played a Go game on Yahoo with him and lost badly. My excuse was that I hadn't finished reading the rules and instructions but he insisted on challenging me! (Next time I'll beat him, I've got to!)
- Checked realestate.com.au for properties in the city that are open for inspection
- Watched ROVE[live] <-- my Tuesday night's ritual

Oh and had lunch, dinner and washed my hair in between those activities.

Reading all about tetsu makes me want to learn guitar properly...
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